How To Test A Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor On A 1989 Suzuki Swift

Suzuki grand vitara 2.0d 2001 - code p1138 fuel pressure, Suzuki grand vitara 2.0d 2001 - code p1138 fuel pressure sensor - tibb65 engine management light on with fault code p1138 relating to the fuel pressure sensor, replaced the pressure sensor and had light reset but after a few kms light came on again with same fault code.. Part 1 - test engine compression (suzuki 1.3l, 1.6l, The fuel injector(s) is (are) being pulsed and injecting fuel into the cylinders. the distributor is sending spark to all spark plugs, which indirectly tells you the ignition coil is good. in the cop coil ignition systems, all of the cop coils are sparking.. Part 2 - troubleshoot misfire (suzuki 1.3l, 1.6l, Check the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. a fuel pump putting out a low fuel pressure (even if it keeps the engine running) will cause a lean condition that will cause misfires and/or a rough idle condition..

Fuel pressure sensor test, Fuel rail pressure sensor signal voltage pull type - duration: 2018 suzuki swift sport engine 1.4 boosterjet turbo / animation fuel rail pressure test vcds ross-tech. How check fuel pressure fuel pump testing - car, Install pressure tester test port engine cold. turn ignition key engine record pressure readings times. car port-injected pump yield reading 30 80 psi.. Solved: check fuel presure 2001 suzuki swift, 2001 suzuki swift difficult starting . check relay meter test light confirm relay sending power pump, pump suspect.. Swift gti swap--insufficient fuel pressure sami tb fi, I borrow fuel pressure guage check pressure fore aft fuel rail . swap closely. header flange adapt samurai header . reused swift water pipe connect thermostat housing upper radiator hose intake plenum (capped extra ports)..